Each of our events is a new proposition, a call to the senses, and an experience with new concepts, new presentations, and new locations, thanks to
our love for originality and creativity. Persis Land has it all covered, whether it's a lovely canapé reception, an exquisite wedding, simply a good old party, a corporate event, a big concert, or even an exhibition and many more.

For 19 years Persis Land has created scenarios that creates one-of-a-kind environments and atmospheres, mesmerizing millions of people who desire to relive the unforgettable experiences. We place a strong emphasis on developing long-term customer relationships based on mutual trust, honesty, and integrity.

Your creation, demands, imaginations, become Persis Land's goals.


Other Businesses

Not only does Persis Land have competence in event planning and execution, but our company also engages in a range of other activities in the entertainment sector, which includes:

  • Bars

  • Clubs

  • Lounges

  • Private Parties

  • Ticket Selling

  • Celebrity Interactions

  • Etc...